[QST] How to enable backtrace in the cgf logging in dw6.0.8.1

Required Info:

  • Software Version
  • Target OS
  • SDK Manager Version
  • Host Machine Version
    native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with DRIVE OS DOCKER Containers

To Reproduce

when running a cgf app in the version of, we can see the log that shows backtrace disabled

[2023-12-13T03:16:39.87419Z][INFO][tid:0][Launcher.cpp:1198][Launcher] Got signal: 15 (Terminated), si_pid: 10310
[2023-12-13T03:16:39.87521Z][INFO][tid:0][Launcher.cpp:1205][Launcher] This is user exit signal: 15. Wait for gracefully exit done.

***** Backtrace disabled *****

Expected behavior

we can see backtrace when cgf app runs with errors.

Additional context


  1. Does the backtrace function in deprecation or disable default?
  2. Is there a way to reenable the backtrace in the cgf5.14?

Dear @lizhensheng,
just checking if this is noticed in DW 5.14 and not in previous version?
Also, may I know if it is part of which log to verify the issue in code repo.

in CGF5.10/DW6.0.6.0, backtrace is enabled and developers can see backtrace in the log file.
But in CGF5.14/DW6.0.8.1, backtrace is disabled.

in launcher.log and in process.log

enable backtrace by yourself using GitHub - bombela/backward-cpp: A beautiful stack trace pretty printer for C++

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