[QST] What dose simpleNode::setNodePeriod() mean?

Required Info:

  • Software Version
    DRIVE OS 6.0.6
  • Target OS
  • SDK Manager Version
  • Host Machine Version
    native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with DRIVE OS DOCKER Containers

Expected behavior

Answer the qst from developer.

What is NodePeriod? Is it different from period of Epoch and HyperEpoch?
What does the interface of setNodePeriod mean?


    * Sets the node's period
    * The value set can be retrieved with getNodePeriod.
    dwStatus setNodePeriod(uint32_t period) override;


The node period is the period of the epoch a node is running in. The setter is being called by the runtime (the loader process) after a node is constructed.

Calling the setter doesn’t affect the schedule in any way. The information is meant to be used by a node to know how frequently it is intended to be run.

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OK, it’s just a info setter called by loader in init runtime.

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