Quad buffered 3D on XUbuntu 16.04.3 LTS

Dear all,

I’m using a Quadro 4000 card, to visualise 3D structures of proteins in NVidia 3D Vision.
Recently my 3D system stopped working and I got a very strange resolution on my screen.

After completely reinstalling XUbuntu and NVIDIA driver 384.90 I noticed than whenever I use <option “Stereo” “10”> in my XOrg.conf, my monitor switches in a weird 3D Mode with a resolution of 960x1080 @ 120Hz.
This also happens when I switch to anything higher than 60Hz in the NVidia-settings…

Earlier this all worked fine…

Any advice what I can do?

With best regards,

Please add

Option "ModeDebug" "true"

to the Screen Section of your xorg.conf, run nvidia-bug-report.sh and attach the tar.gz file it creates to your post.