quadbuffered stereo with Quadro cards does not work with Windows10

Hope this is the right place to enter this question.

We have been using quadbuffered stereo with Quadro cards for a number of years and this is very important for our software package based on OpenInventor. I have not been able to get the stereo to work on Windows10. I have tried 4 different computers – 2 laptops and 2 towers – with 4 different Quadro cards. I have used an ASUS monitor with built-in emitter, several monitors with separate emitters, and an LG 3D tv. None have worked. They all show the same symptoms. Whenever the quadbuffered stereo is enabled (in any configuration) the application crashes on starting – it appears to be when the initial window is opened.

Has anyone been able to get stereo to work on Windows10? I have combed the forum and internet but found no answers.