Quadro 2000 and Tesla K20c in Ubuntu 12.04

I accidentally got a Lenovo ThinkCentre D30 in the early July. This desktop had only one GPU card (Quadro 2000), and this card was not that suitable for what I was doing, you know the fancy deep learning stuff. So I accidentally picked another card, Tesla K20c in early Dec. And Felt so excited and can’t wait to set it up.

I plugged in the new Tesla, and insert a Ubuntu 12.04 DVD to refresh the whole system, then I installed the CUDA 5.5 driver step by step, and step by step. Finally, I lspci and found that this freak system just could not recognize my new shiny Tesla ;-((

What I want to do is: keep the Quadro as the display card, and use Tesla to do some scientific computing, I would be so grateful if anybody, I said, ANYBODY, saved my ass.


Hello, I am also using the same setup of Quadro 2000 for display and K20c for computing on UBuntu 12.04.
Would be greatful if somebody can respond to the above in setting up this graphic cards with Cuda

Well, if lspci does not list the device, something is deeply wrong with your setup. You don’t need drivers for lspci. If you have NVIDIA devices in the system these should be all in the output of “lspci -d 10de:*” (regardless of whether the actual device name is in the PCI database).