Quadro 2000 D Problem 3DS Max not working properly

Hi all . I just recently got myself a Core i7 3930 K with a Quadro 2000 card .I installed 3DS Max 2011 64 Bit . But as soon as I start working , like rotating , panning or zooming in the viewport , everything freezes completely. I cannot even shut down or restart . The only way is turn off the power button . Has already happened umpteen times. Iam worried about my board if i repeatedly switch on/off the power button.
But there is no problem if i just render the scene . Its quite fast .the problem starts only when i try to do something in the viewport.I doubt this is sumthing to do with Quadro. Maybe not. I have tried reinstalling quadro driver again but no use. All you Experts out here , Please help me to tame this beast .its a Quadro 2000 D card