Quadro 3000M - 4K resolution display possible?

I have read (from https://cdn.cnetcontent.com/e9/f1/e9f136f6-9369-4e2e-b21f-76495146df40.pdf) that this card support 2x (on two displays) 2560x1600 resolution.

It is possible to force the graphic card to dispaly 4k@30 (at 30Hz - I don’t even need 60Hz) ?

If so, how can I do that? I’m using Mint 20, but for this presentation (I want to show at 4K TV) I can install windows if it’s gonna help. Thanks!

Any info on this, 5000M card is VERY similar and it can dispaly 4K, so I guess that 3000M should to after some trick? Anyone?