Quadro 4000 + GTX1070


I was able to run both before recent update, since that moment I’m getting code 43 either on Quadro or GTX no matter what I do.
Can anyone advice how to replicate previous “victory”?
System: Windows 10 (x64)

Thank you,

quadro 4000 is an old Fermi GPU that is not supported by the latest drivers. You would need to install a driver that works with both, which may be difficult to do since win10 wants to choose your drivers for you.

A R384, or R390 driver should work with both GPUs. This can be hard to locate using the NVIDIA driver wizard.

The driver that comes bundled with the CUDA 9.0 toolkit installer should work on both GPUs. However CUDA 9.0 is not compatible with the Fermi GPU.

CUDA 8.0 supported both GPUs and the driver should work with both, however it may depend on exactly which model of GTX1070 you have. The latest CUDA 8.0 toolkit installer may be your best bet.

You should accept that fact that the Quadro 4000 is becoming obsolete and maintaining a configuration like this is going to become harder to do.

If you do get a working configuration, and then windows 10 decides it wants to update the driver, I can’t help you with that. In that case you might want to google something like “windows 10 stop driver updates” or look at an article like this:


CUDA 8.0 toolkit installer was indeed what did the trick. Thank you very much for this helpful comment.