Quadro 4000 Overheating and cooling.

Hello everyone. I really do hope I’m posting this in the right forum because I could use some help. I have an Nvidia Quadro 4000 and the fan on it is TERRIBLE! the heat is at a constant 84c with NOTHING GOING ON and spiking at 98-102c when I’m in After Effects or rendering in 3Ds Max. (Note, I do use 2 monitors) For now, I’m using the EVGA software to control the fan speed to 65 percent at idle and 85 percent when working. However, this is very loud. Yes this keeps the temp down, but when I’m just using my computer, I really don’t want to hear this and when I’m working I don’t want this thing sounding like it’s about to take off. My question is this: what would be a good aftermarket VGA cooller for this card and how can I identify what VGA coolers are compatible. I’ve checked so many sites I but have found nothing that tells me how to identify the compatiblity. I really don’t want to purchase something only for it to not fit or worse kill my card.

It seems as like the thermal compound between the GPU and the heatsink has become ineffective. So there’s nothing wrong with the fan. It just runs at high speeds constantly in order to try to cool your card down. If you can, try to reapply the thermal paste. There are plenty of webpages that explain how to do it. I have had the same issue with mine and after reapplying the thermal paste, it runs at 55C tops. It’s pretty cool how much a tiny dot of paste can do.

Thanks! It’s very cool!

I had the same problem but I have now installed an AIO and I am very very happy silence and temperature


To those who are thinking about getting an after market graphics card cooler for an nVidia card: Be sure to select a unit which is designed to cool the card’s VRM via thermal pads or another form of direct contact as well as cooling the GPU. IIRC nVidia cards have a temperature sensor on the GPU but not on the VRM.

Accelero Xtreme IV: No thermal pads for the VRM

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Accelero Xtreme IV
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