Quadro 4000 video card is showing the mesh triangles (wire frames) instead of smooth drawing.

I am using Nvidia quadro 4000 video card to render a opengl based mesh (with polygons). I do not have a source code of the application. If I run the application in ATI radeon the mesh looks smooth, no wire frames ( either lighting/shadow removes the wireframes mesh (triangle drawings), but the same application I run on the computer with Quadro 4000 vc I see all the triangles drawing (wireframes). is there any setting that would help somoothen the rendering? I updated the driver and played with many nvidia control panel settings but it is not working. any suggestions.
Wish I could upload the image to show you guys what I am talking about.

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From the description it could be that the application is doing polygon antialiasing (GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH) incorrectly and the Radeon might not support that feature at all and the Quadro does and renders what the application developer implemented.