Quadro 5600 graphics interoperability error simpleGL and FluidsGL examples error

After downloading the CUDA 1.0 SDK, the following error is produced when the simpleGL or FluidsGL example is run.

“Graphics interoperability on multi GPU systems currently not supported.”

I was able to run the FluidsGL example in a earlier SDK version. Does anyone know if this a a new driver error or a hardware problem?

Windows XP system using a Qudadro 5600.

Do you have a single GPU in your system?

I only have a single Quadro 5600 card in the system.

How many monitors are connected? 1 or 2?

A single monitor.

Did you extended the display on the 2 monitor (even if the other monitor is not present)?

I have checked my display properties and confirmed that I am only using one display and that the windows desktop is not extended to the 2nd monitor.

How many display adapters are listed under device manager?

I am still having the same error. I have only one display adapter listed in the device manager and that is the NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600.

Could this be a problem with the instrumented driver? I had that installed on my system recently and then added the CUDA driver.

We always recommend completely removing the old drivers (control panel -> add/remove programs) before installing new ones. Have you tried this?


Uninstalling all drivers and then re-installing the CUDA drivers corrected the issue. By the way, does the instrumented driver support CUDA? It would be nice to use those to see GPU latency.