Quadro 600 doesn't work with CS6? Please, somebody help me...

Hello, guys.

I’m trying to activate the GPU acceleration of my graphic card in Adobe After Effects CS6. I think this is compatible, but maybe I’m wrong…

My card is an nVidia Quadro 600, and the PC runs in Windows 7 64bits. In After Effects, when I try to activate the GPU acceleration for ray-tracing (in the preview options), the program says I don’t have a compatible graphic card (so I have to use the CPU normal acceleration). But Quadro 600 is compatible with the GPU option of CS6, isn’t it?

Is this a matter of configuration? Because I’ve tryed to check some different options in the Control Panel of the graphic card and nothing happened. What shoild I do? Anybody knows anything about this?

Ah, my driver is the newest for Quadro 600, the 296.70 version.

Thank you very much for your help and please, excuse my poor level of English (I’m an Spanish guy).