Quadro 6000: grafic + CUDA at the same time?


i’m new to the topic of GPU computing and have one first question:

If i would have a Quadro 6000 card with good DP-performance in my workstation:
can i use it for demanding OpenGL/DirectX graphic and for intensive GPU-computing at the same time?

e.g. solving FEM simlations in background process (GPU Ansys) while modeling 3D-CAD (Solidworks/Catia)

Or do I have to do something like switching a driver for this different purposes?

What happens to the card memory? Is it dynamically aligned or is it fully blocked by one of these applications?

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It is not blocked at the application level, but rather at the kernel level, so you can’t process a given frame at the same time that you run a kernel, but you can interleave kernels and GUI

Thanks for your answer.

What does this mean in practice?

Could I use 3d-applications (CAD) during GPU-computing (FEM) - but with very poor performance?

And what about 2d applications like using MS Office or browsing the web?

Would there be a "norma"l user experience for scrolling a page during GPU-computing on the same graphic-card?

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If your kernels are not too long, there will be a normal user experience. Below about 25fps you will start seeing degradation (games may require a bit more). So if your kernels run for longer than 40ms you will start seeing degradation in performance.

I don’t have experience with that kind of workload but you can’t give 100% GPU to both CAD and FEM, so if they both try to run at 100% at the same time, you’ll see degradation. The performance won’t be very poor, it’s a powerful card and with two applications, even if they try to run full force at the same time you still get 50% each. 2d applications will mainly be affected by the frame rate, so you need to make sure that you’re kernels are below about 40ms per run.