Quadro and Geforce drivers on same system


I´m using the quadro m5000 with octane render on a windows 10 workstation with 3 monitors.
During the render process, my system is not able to do anything else. Not even online surfing, the mouse cursor is moving in slow motion…

My question now is, can I install and run a geforce card in addition to the quadro (no sli)?
I would like to connect my 3 displays to a geforce card and be able to surf or work with other applications while rendering in octane with the quadro card.

Thank you

Yes, it should be possible. You can only load one driver, so the driver you use must support both cards, which is certainly possible (since you have a maxwell quadro, I would choose a maxwell geforce card).

However, adding the extra graphics card may or may not actually resolve the problem. Your sluggishness may be due to a CPU loading effect, rather than a GPU loading effect.

thanks a lot for your reply!
Octane is a gpu-accelerated renderer, however it´s rather unlikely a cpu issue as my dual xeon never exceeds the 2% workload.

Are you 100% sure that quadro and geforce drivers can co-exist on the same machine / the same os?

I found this threads where users say that its not possible but I would like to ask the nvidia devs for help:



It is not possible to have two separate drivers loaded (“co-exist”) on the same system.

You must use one driver. That driver must support both cards. If you use such a driver (they do exist) then you will be able to use both GPUs, at the same time, in the same system.

If you require a specific driver for your application/certification, then its possible that that specific driver may not support both your Quadro and your GeForce GPU.

Thank you very much for your help!

Little late but have using Quadro and GT in same system simultaneously (GT left screen - Quadro Right Screen)
been doing now for most of this year…


I have fx1700 with xenon e5420 in t7400 workstation. I need to game in it but quadro does not support latest games can i buy a gtx or radeon graphics card and install in the motherboard? Will they both work?

This forum is intended for questions related to CUDA.

For questions related to GeForce and gaming, your question might get a better response on the GeForce forums:


Another late arrival to this discussion…

I have a laptop with a Quadro M2200M inside and I would like to use an external GPU (either Quadro P4000 or GeForce GTX 1070, inside a Thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosure) for extra computing power. I’m a software developer and ideally, I would like to make my application use BOTH GPUs at the same time for CUDA work.

Is this allowed by the driver(s), can I detect both GPUs and design my application to send each one different chunks of compute work to do? Or am I forced to use just one of the GPUs?

If this is possible, am I restricted to both internal and external cards of the same series (Quadro) so that I can have a unique driver, or is it possible to mix internal Quadro with external GeForce?

OS: Windows 10 x64
There might also be an external monitor attached to one of the cards.

I assume your current GPU is a Quadro M2200 Mobile, a Maxwell class device with compute capability 5.0. CUDA currently supports devices with compute capability of >= 3.0, so all GPUs you enumerated are supported by current drivers.

I have no experience with external GPUs, but I have never encountered a driver specifically for those, which leads me to think that it is irrelevant to the drivers whether a GPU is internal or external: all it sees is PCIe devices and it knows nothing about their physical arrangement.

You didn’t mention whether you make use of Quadro-specific features in your work. Given that you can only have one NVIDIA driver installed, as txbob pointed out earlier, I am not sure whether you can access Quadro-specific features in a setup that includes a Quadro plus a consumer GPU.

Certainly use of a Quadro driver with two different Quadros should be entire unproblematic, and I have run configurations comprising a high-end Quadro and a low-end Quadro before.

I don’t use any Quadro-specific features, I’m just doing image processing with the CUDA module of OpenCV (mostly convolutions, gray-level morphology, arithmetic operations, thresholding). I’ve tested my algorithms so far on Quadro and GTX cards (not both in the same PC) and everything works.

That sounds right. In addition to this, I saw that recent drivers (such as R390 U1 for Quadro) officially support external GPUs.

So with a recent Quadro driver, I should normally not have any issues to use both the internal Quadro M2200M and the external Quadro P4000.
What about using the Quadro AND a GTX 1070 for compute operations as described above? Is there a driver that supports both cards, at least for compute operations?