Quadro and NVIDIA Mosaic question


For starters i haven’t used quadro card before, so forgive me if i give you the wrong terminology.

So i’m looking at buying Quadro graphics card but im not sure what one to get yet.

what i need to achieve is one 4k@60 display over 4 HD outputs (4x 1920x1080) or 2 outputs with DVI-DL or DP(1.1) (2x 1920x2160) plus another HD display.

I need the PC to recognize the 4x hd outputs as one 4k display and the HD display as another. The software that i’m using is using the HD display as the control display and the 4k display as the program output.
The reason i need to do this is because i’m using production switcher a Barco E2 its is a 4k switcher but it dose not have a DP1.2 input as yet so i need 4 HD signals or 2 1920x2160.

is it possible to achieve this with the quadro series of cards and its software? also it needs to be pixel perfect no gaps or overlaps


You might want to read everything on the Quadro products here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/quadro.html
Your questions should be covered under the “Display and Desktop Management” section.
Make sure to check the capabilities of each board in their specifications and also mind possible system configuration requirements including the supported operating systems.