Quadro and Tesla on the same Linux system

Hi everyone,
I have a Ubuntu Linux server with a Tesla P40 card that I use for CUDA workloads under CUDA 10.0. I’m considering adding a Quadro RTX card to my system which would give a great performance boost to my calculations, however I’m not 100% sure how the driver and CUDA Toolkit would behave under such circumstances. As far as I understand it should be fine, but just to be completely sure… would that work?

Thank you

It should be OK. The driver you install for the Quadro RTX should work correctly with the Tesla P40.

Thanks for your comment - how much of “should” is “will”? :) Are you aware of any reason specifically they should or shouldn’t work in the same machine? I couldn’t find anything on the NVIDIA website regarding this specific question. I have used Tesla cards from different generations on the same machine successfully in the past, and I wonder if there’s any difference when considering Quadros as well.