Quadro CX supports double data type?


I’m using Quadro CX GPU card.
I just wanted to know that Is Quadro CX supports double data type?.

if you run the devicequery example and you see minor version 3 reported, then it supports double. If you see 1 reported it does not support double

yes, its showing “Minor revison number: 3”.

NOT minor version 3

Also can you tell what is the meaning of :

Major revision number.

Maximum memory pitch.

Clock rate.

concurrent copy and execution.

Major revision number : just what it says. The major revision number. It is 1 for all currently available devices.

Maximum memory pitch : see the memory functions with pitch in the name in the programming guide.

clock rate : the speed of the clock that ticks the GPU.

concurrent copy and execution : tells if you can copy memory from device -> host (or the other way) during the runtime of a kernel.