Quadro FX 5600 / Tesla C870 Teraflops processing possibilty?

Hi All~

Was just wondering if it’s possible to add a Tesla C870 board to a Mac Pro (OSX 10.5, dual quad-core Xeon) which already has a Quadro FX 5600 graphic card installed? Will the two run in parallel with CUDA applications? And, if so, would I have to do anything special coding-wise to distribute my applications between the two boards? Thanks for any information you can provide…

~Randy! :~)

The C870 will not work under OSX ( it is not EFI compatible)

Thanks for the reply. That being the case, could I use two Quadro FX 5600 boards instead?

In theory, yes.
In practice, I am not sure there are enough PCI-e power connectors for 2 FX5600, unless you do something creative like taking power from the HDs.

Alternatively, could I use the Tesla D870 deskside unit to overcome the EFI compatibility issues I’d have with the board?

Same problem with EFI