Quadro FX, multiple monitors


I have a workstation with two Quadro FX 1700 GPUs, connected to three monitors (
1920x1200 each), running Linux (Ubuntu 17.04, KDE).

Using the nouveau open-source driver, this setup works ok, but pretty slow.

that’s why I decided to switch to the nvidia-proprietary driver. To get the three monitors to work with the functionality to move windows from one monitor to the other, I have to enable the xinerama flag. but this creates one huge screen, with disables the functionality of maximizing windows to a single monitor, or snapping to a monitor’s edge etc. Win-Left usually works to tile a window to the left half of one monitor - but in xinerama it spans the window to the left half of the three monitors.

is there any way of using the nvidia driver on Linux with multiple monitors with the functionality of:

  • moving windows between monitors.
  • maximizing a window on an individual monitor.
  • snapping to each monitor’s edge.
  • make Win-Left work to tile a window to the left of an individual monitor.

St Hones

AFAIK you would have to use the ZaphodHeads option, but I don’t know if the nvidia driver supports this.
Still, a xinerama setup is kind of sub-optimal regardless of the driver used since 3d hardware accel is disabled.
A more complicated setup would be to use nouveau and PRIME, and look into reclocking with nouveau. Then use one card merely as output as if it were an intel iGPU in an Optimus system.


I have exactly the same problem. Have you found a solution?