Quadro FX3700M what theoretical performance?


I am looking for peak GFLOPS performance and PCI-E interface bandwidth for this notebook chip. I can find the device bandwidth on the website, the other numbers not yet.
This looks to be the highest performing CUDA notebook chip, so it would possibly make a stunning demo laptop for some of my 2009 projects.

Thanks for any info,

Interesting, it is even faster than the 9800M GTX and more readily available.

I can’t find the frequency, but it’s 128 shaders. The frequency is probably 1.25GHz, like the 9800M GTX. (Looks like NVIDIA doesn’t like to make cards below that.)

This comes out to 480 BS-GFLOPS. It’s basically an 8800 GT.

Only the bandwidth is a tad slower unfortunately.

Well, it certainly looks like it might do for the project I am thinking about. I’ll put money in my proposal for a laptop with one then and hope that maybe something even faster arrives in the first half of next year ;)

Oh, it will. I expect the die-shrunk G200s to be in laptops soon.

Yeah, I have one already in the form of a Quadro FX 4800. I replaced a 8800GTX with it and now have a 6-pin PCI-E plug free in my PC :) Always nice to have a card with more memory, more performance, using less watts :)