Quadro FX4500 on MAc_OSX are not OK Mac_Pro with Quadro


First sorry for my poor English speaking, it’s not my native language ( i am french ) so i hope you understand me correctly.

Here the Fact, i have an MacPro Dual Intel XEON + 12 Mo of Ram. + " QUADRO FX 4500"

All working correctly & i just update on Snow leopard couples days a go…all is ok also…

the problem is i just realize my QUADRO is Not compatible with CUDA !! it’s crazy !! why ? & exist a possibility with a driver or another way to activated this function ?

Other = i spoke about Snow leopard, cause the “OPEN CL” & seem ONLY NVIDIA CARDS ARE OK WITH CUDA Gona be compatible with OPEN CL…so in my case with my QUADRO IS 2 TIMES NO

QUADRO FX 4500 No compatible with Cuda, so No compatible with OPEN CL !! Uhhhhh

3/ i search to update some drivers of my QUADRO = again = NO exist ! uhhh !

I pay this card 1700 euros & think it’s a bit limit for finaly find my self in full un_compatible way with the new Snow leopard features.

If you have any advices or ideas, it will be nice from your parts,

Best regards,


up !!!


I just see i haven’t any reply’s & even many “view’s” lol

May i ask something wrong ?

My question is not on the correct area of the forum ??

Any advices are welcome,




Can you give more information about the Quadro. I just loaded 2.3a with a pair of Quadro 4800 (MAc edition) and it works for me.

If you are using a PC Quadro 4500 you need to work a lot harder and boot off another Nvidia card and “inject” the PC version. I have done this OK with GTX 260 and 285 PC cards using injectors from netkas.org and also COREVIDIA.

just how are you enabling the 4500, assuming you have the right number and this is a PC card. If you are not sure what I am talking about go to forums.macrumors.com and look at the threads on getting 260/285/295 working in a Mac Pro.

You CANNOT just put a 4500 in a Mac and expect it to work - if someone told you otherwise when you were sold it I suggest you go back. If you really have a 4800 Mac versions this should work.

The Quadro 4500 doesn’t support CUDA in the first place.

Yeah, looking around, the Quadro FX 4500 was released in October 2005. If someone sold you a 4 year old card for 1700 euros, you should probably go back and have word with them. :)


Thanks a lot for your reply & observation, well in my case i don’t have any PC card, when i buy my MacPro on the Apple stored i ordered directly all the options i needed, & finaly receive my MacPro in 2006 , after this time i don’t touch anything inside…

& my card is not a 4800, but a Quadro FX 4500 / 512 ram

Actualy this card give me top satisfaction on all process i request from her…i just ask about : OPEN CL come with the new OSX = Snow leopard & after reading a bit…i see for OPEN CL = need CUDA & seem for the 4500 is a pain lost !

Anyway, thanks again, for your time,




thanks for your return, well that’s mean is definitly NOT possible !! damnn ! a card at 1700 euros 3 small years only !! , even with drivers or other flashing process ???

Well i am verry sad !! & disapointed…




Thanks for your observations,

In fact, like i mentionned upper, i just buy my MAcPro on the Apple store here in france in 2006, & custom my MacPro, with more memory, bigger HD & this QUADRO FX 4500, i not buy this car outside, it’s apple sale me with my MacPro…

So if not issue i am disapointed…cause 1700 euros for small 3 years ot ear this card is not compatible…i think is a bit limited…

anyway, i have my apple care running allredy, so i am goint to phone them & see what Apple can do… ( i am sure they push me out, but i am gona try ).




I see I missed the point here! But my advice would apply to a more recent but non Mac card. The only place I have seen a PC injected card perform worse than official Mac version is in bandwidth transfer benchmarks, where the link speed of 2.5 against 5 seems to have an impact. It is hard to see any impact in other tests. I also think you paid too much for an old card.