Quadro FX4800 under snow leopard


At present I can only access the full potential of the 4800 using boot camp - this is more than a bit of a pain as all my 3d software is OSX - my question is are there plans to change this? Will Snow Leopard allow access to the currently windows only features .

Jake >.<

That’s an Apple-controlled DRM issue.

The Quadro 4800 works fine with the Mac Pro… IF you buy it from Apple and it’s blessed with the magic signed code.

While there’s a story about “Oh, video cards on OSX need special super-modern EFI code support!”, it’s likely an excuse to let Apple control the hardware and therefore make a cut of the add-in card profits. Notice the Apple-blessed card costs $200 more than the exact same non-Apple-blessed card.

If I sound annoyed, it’s because I really want to run some of my cards on a Mac Pro, but can’t.
I am certain it’s not an Nvidia issue… they’d be happy to sell as many cards of as many flavors on as many platforms as they can.

Though there’s one retailer that has a big discount on the Mac version right now!

I may be wrong about the digitally-signed code fact… apparently there are (incomplete, but promising) hack attempts in progress.