Quadro GP100 noise

I do a lot of analysis work (FEA) using a commercial code that supports GPU acceleration. According to benchmarks I’ve seen, the speed up with GPU acceleration is quite remarkable (30x or more). So I’m considering purchasing a Quadro GP100 for this. However, the workstation this would go in sits about 3ft from my desk. I’m concerned about the noise this card might produce being disruptive. Right now my workstation is very quiet (almost silent). Is this likely to be an issue? Just want to know what to expect if I go this direction. Thanks!

Hi pkelecycggnu,

The GP100 should stay below 33dBA most of the time, so noise should not be an issue.

Ryan Park

Thanks Ryan! That is very good to know. I am considering buying a new workstation for this as well (a Boxx Apexx W3) which supports up to 4 GP100 (or GV100) cards. So I’m glad I won’t have to move out of my office if I go all-in with this!

Btw, where did you find that dBA spec? Was it on a data sheet somewhere?

Thanks again,