QUADRO K4000, win7, OpenGL not work

I use QUADRO K4000, with driver 385.08 installed, I have 120Hz monitor, Glasses,3D vision 2
But OpenGL application no working

desktop computer, and USB IR emitter

Seriously, you might want to add some necessary details to your question about which OpenGL application is not behaving as you expect it in what way exactly, and what you have tried already to make it work so far. Otherwise you will simply get ignored by professional developers reading this.

For example:
Has stereoscopic rendering worked on that setup at any time?
If yes, are other stereoscopic applications running as expected on your setup?
Is that OpenGL application using quad-buffered stereo pixelformats?
Did you program it?
What are your NVIDIA Control Panel settings for 3D applications especially for the “Stereo - Enable” and “Stereo - Display mode” fields in the “Manage 3D Settings” options?
What is the vendor and model name of your monitor?