Quadro K5200 - Adapter InfoROM FS structure is corrupted

Hello from Germany!

Got this error when trying to update to latest firmware.
PC is running W11 pro 23H2 with all patch (12/21/2023)
Dell Precision T5810 Workstation with latest BIOS A34 and 16 GB DDR4 RAM.

What I did until now:

  • install lastest driver →
  • nvflash --protectoff
  • nvflash --repairfs → does not help

What to do in this case?
Thx and best regards


Hi there @Peter_58_ha and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Do yo have a reference from where you downloaded the Firmware image?
And did anyone try flashing a new firmware to the GPU before?

I am afraid if the ROM has issues it might be a Hardware problem which cannot be fixed.