Quadro K600 and TCC

Why can’t we switch K600 to TCC mode?

We use nvidia-smi tool:
NVIDIA System Management Interface – v332.76

K600 is low profile file and we have not alternatives…

Quadro K600 does not support TCC mode… I had purchased one assuming it did a few months ago… it does not.

But Quadro 600 is supported. Am I right?!
It is a pity, because there isn’t other low profile card…

Quadro 600 also does not support TCC mode… just checked this yesterday. I believe Quadro 410 does not either. For that matter, Quadro 600 is not VT-d passthrough capable either, and I believe the same holds through for Quadro 410.

See: http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1619828 in re: VT-d support.