Quadro M1000M (GM107GL-A) + Thunderbolt dock: DisplayPort screen blacking out

I have an HP ZBook 15 gen3 with a Quadro M1000M in it. I’m using it with the HP Thunderbolt dock, HSTNN-CN01, specifically with a 150W power supply. I’m currently on the Ubuntu 16.10 beta, with the 370.28 drivers. I have found that the NVidia card can drive DisplayPort screens via the dock, but the screens sometimes black out. They will blink off and then on again, taking about 2 seconds per cycle. This will not happen at all for hours, and then happen 10x/minute. Sometimes the screen will turn off and declare that there is no signal on the DisplayPort. I suspect that’s what’s happening during the brief blackout periods, though it does not complain about a lack of signal for that moment.

I found that, when it turned off entirely, opening nvidia-settings and disabling and re-enabling the screen would cause it to return.

I have not had this problem with the VGA port directly on the laptop. I have not yet tested the HDMI port, which would of course be more similar to the DP on the dock, but will do so soon.

Is this a known issue with the nvidia driver, or should I be pursuing other avenues like the Thunderbolt drivers in Linux, the dock firmware, or the laptop’s Thunderbolt controller firmware?

Is there any sort of debugging in the nvidia drivers which I could enable to see if it’s aware of the signal change?