Quadro M2000M / driver 470.74 fails with debian kernel 5.14.6 (black screen)

Shortly after boot, screen turns black.

Also the driver available with debian, that is 470.57.02 is showing the same behavior. See as well debian bug:

It is working fine with kernel 5.10.46 and nvidia-driver 460.91.03.

Attaching bug report generated with:
nvidia-bug-report.sh --safe-mode --extra-system-data
since without --safe-mode the script was hanging.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (454.5 KB)

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Same problem with Quadro M2200 and 5.14.6 kernel, no problem with previous 5.10.0 kernel

See as well: Driver 470 Quadro M2200 Laptop Screen Blank