Quadro P3000 Vulkan Support?

I’m seeing on many technical specs that the Quadtro P3000 should support Vulkan 1.1, yet when i install the mainline Nvidia driver for Windows 10, GPU-z is reporting no Vulkan support and attempts to call vkCreateInstance returns VK_INITIALIZATION_FAILED.

Lastly I’m not seeing the P3000 listed on this site: https://developer.nvidia.com/vulkan-driver
Yet the P2000, P4000, and P5000 is listed.

Is this a driver issue or does the chip not support Vulkan?

We tested with driver 431.94

Thanks in advance.

As independent confirmation, you might try testing with the: VulkanCapsViewer

I don’t see any entries currently in it’s report database for Quadro P3000, but that doesn’t confirm that there’s no Vulkan support.

Also, on the NVidia driver download page, it looks like this is a notebook GPU. On NVidia’s Vulkan driver page, there’s an interesting absence of any Pascal GPUs on the supported “Quadro Series (Notebooks)” line.