Quadro P5000 (notebook) doesn't support OpenCL as shown in GPU-Z

I find this out when my photoshop keep crashing and lagging these days. And I check that in its graphic card options, the opencl is greyed out. For sure, quadro p5000 does support OpenCL, but why this happen then? Even in GPU-Z i shows that it only CUDA, both OpenCL and Phyx is not supported. Gotta be some problem with the drivers, anyone experience the same problem like me?

If you got those drivers through Windows Update, OpenGL support is usually not included. The same is likely also for OpenCL and PhysX. Why would Microsoft ship support for APIs that they are competing with…

So be sure to obtain notebook (mobile) GPU drivers from the nVidia web site, as they have the full software stack.

In some rare cases notebook vendors set device IDs that prevent installing the nVidia notebook drivers. In such cases, check the vendor’s support web site for drivers.