Quadro RTX 3000 2nd display problem Windows 10

Hi, I am trying to run a separate terminal from An Acer LAptop, a ConceptD. I have not been able to stop the display intermittently refreshing. The laptop has a Quadro RTX 3000, with the latest driver. Particular incidence have been when I am running Inkscape or Shotcut, when I go to save a file, as soon as the box comes up to enter the filename (and sometimes before when I put the cursor in the top left of the screen) the screen goes black, or some other bright colour, hangs briefly, and the laptop screen also goes black, then refreshes. The screen comes back but the windows are black and have to be minimised and re-opened to get them to refresh. I have updated all the drivers, I have sent it back to Acer to fix, came back with the same problem and they don’t seem to have a clue. I have set up windows 10 to use the RTX card for these applications. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do to fix. I’ve changed displays, cables, bought a new display, (DELL P2723QE) and the problem persists. Any ideas?


i had the same issue for over a year now (didn’t resolve it sooner as it didn’t bother me that much)
did a lot of troubleshooting during that time,
re installed and updated drivers every time they came out,
used DDU more then once (consult a person whom can help you with this software)
in case you do creative work and use any type of software that needs Hardware acceleration this issue will keep happening

i managed to resolve it recently:
please do it as a last result after you tried everything you can (would suggest consulting computer technician as most warranty is mostly hardware based from large companies like Lenovo and Dell)

full clean install of windows resolved it for me i suspect the issue is with windows and not the drivers
please note i did offline install
i downloaded Nvidia drivers prior and installed them when my windows was not connected to the internet (not allowing the Microsoft apps and drivers to download during and after install)

Thank you Mike. I’m so glad it’s not just me! I thought it was probably a windows thing but I figured people on here were more likely to understand the issues. I had never thought about doing uogrades off line, that makes total sense given how automated everything is now. I might have a go myself, but failing that have you any advice on finding a good computer technician?

Again, thanks for the your help