Quadro vDWS profiles together with vCS profiles on same GPU


Is it possible to use both Quadro vDWS profiles together with vCS profiles simultaneously on the same GPU? Or can these not be mixed on the same GPU?




Only a single Profile can be run on any GPU concurrently.

That said, the vDWS license covers vCS, so you could if you wanted to use the vDWS license to run a vCS workload.

Running Compute and Graphical workloads simultaneously on the same GPU would not be the best choice due to the nature of each workload. They would typically require different Scheduler configurations for optimal performance, and unless you ran "Fixed" or "Equal", the Compute workload would more than likely impact the Graphical workload. However, even this would still not be optimal due to different workloads and the standard Scheduler configuration (which would typically be "tweaked" for a specific workload).



Makes sense Ben, thanks!