Quadro vs GeForce for CAD (CREO/Pro/engineer).

This is the closest forum I have found to a Quadro forum, but still maybe in the wrong place.

I am trying to figure out what the actual difference is between a Quadro and a GeForce card. And I don’t really mean technically, I mean specifically my day to day use in CAD (CREO).

I have used both cards in various setups for years, and the only real difference I have seen is on a high end monitor the edges of 3D models (and wires of wireframes) look cleaner (smoother, etc).

My current problem seems to be video memory. I am using a 3 gig gtx780 and when I get close to cap on the 3 gig (watching the process monitor) everything slows down. So now that GTX cards have more memory, I could upgrade to a new GTX, but I am missing something by avoiding Quadro? I don’t render things, so I don’t need that. I have asked various people for years what the benefit of Quadro is and no one can answer me.

Any help is appreciated!


I need help to optimize the performance and quality of 3D graphics design programs such as Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Autodesk 3D CIVIL, AVEVA PDMS, E3D, have tried in AVEVA E3D the graphics and these objects 3D geometry is distorted when zooming, please if you have a suitable configuration of the graphics card, the Nvidia GTX I have 4GB DDR5 950M a core i7 6700HQ netbook. regards