Qualifications for DLI Trainer

Hi NV Team,

We plan to hold a workshop for students with NVidia DLI courses, the goals are to equip the students from universities and technical institutes with fundamental knowledge of AI and it’s applications at the edge, esp. hands-on experience for mastering AI and robotics concepts.

We are currently collaborating with several university lecturers who teach AI courses and utilize the NVIDIA Jetson Developer Kits. We’ve noticed that the current Deep Learning Institute (DLI) courses are designed for the Jetson Nano B01 Developer Kit, which is now to be end-of-life (EOL). We’d like to inquire about the potential release of new or upgraded DLI courses specifically tailored for the Jetson Orin Nano. And before that, the trainers with the certification for Jetson Nano are also qualifiable for the training course using Jetson Orin Nano?

In addition, many of these lecturers hold NVIDIA DLI Competency Certificates. Since NVIDIA conducts the project-based assessments for the JETSON AI Specialist certificate, we’d like to get clarification from you if this additional certification is necessary for them to be eligible to conduct the training as mentioned above, where participants would ultimately be assessed by NVIDIA for the JETSON AI Specialist certificate.

We believe their existing DLI Competency Certificates demonstrate their qualifications to deliver the training, especially considering NVIDIA’s direct involvement in participants assessment.


Hi @zuguang61, we have begun talking internally about making updated DLI course for Jetson Orin Nano, however now we also have Jetson AI Lab with the latest ML/AI tutorials, and is easier to keep updated with the rapid pace at which the models are evolving these days. So I would recommend just continuing on with that for now. You are still welcome to apply for Jetson AI Ambassador/Specialist certification using Orin and generative AI projects beyond what was in the initial DLI, and you don’t need additional certifications from us in order to deliver the training. It is all open source so there is flexibility in what you and the professors you are collaborating with want to deliver to their students.

Thanks dusty_nv!

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