Quatro P2200 display card ERROR: Unable to load info from any available system

Dear Sir,

we are experiencing the following problem with our setup using the Quatro P2200 display card:

Operating System: Oracle solaris 10 5.10
main board:d3358-A1X
kernel:SUNos 5.10 Generic_150401-13
model:Fujitsu Celsius R940

Monitor1: FUJITSU Display B24W-7 LED
Monitor2: FUJITSU Display B24W-7 LED
Monitor3: Turbo-X Android TV TXV-AU6580SMT 65" 4Κ Ultra HD

Setup: We are trying to change the resolution of the 3rd monitor to 4K, but we can’t since every time we run nvidia-settings we get back from the system: “ERROR: Unable to load info from any available system”

we have installed driver version SOLARIS DISPLAY DRIVER – X64/X86

Version: 440.82
Release Date: 2020.4.7
Operating System: Solaris x86/x64
Language: English (US)
File Size: 98.29 MB
but we are unable to get the resolution on the monitor mentioned above beyond 1920x1080
Also we have verified that the monitor is working fine, because we have make it work in 4k with another pc that is identical but have older graphic card.