Query about Localization & Create Lane Plan


I am working on MapTrackerApp and Trajectory Path generation (with obstacle avoidance) & velocity generation. for Nvidia Drive OS-10.0 on Linux host system(Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS).
When I look into the Trajectory Planing API found in the maps/common/LanePlannerAppCommon in the control flow block createLanePlan and in the move function block:

const Pose& previousPose = m_drivePath[m_currentDrivePathIndex - moveDirection];
const Pose& currentPose = m_drivePath[m_currentDrivePathIndex];
m_currentTime += DrivePath::getDeltaTime(m_currentLaneOnPlan, previousPose, currentPose);

My Questions in that :

  1. what type of tracking filter it is using in Localization technique.
  2. How to generate waypoints in the current lane.

Thanks & Regards,

Dear @soumya.basak3,

  1. It is implementation question. I will check with engineering team if any publicly available information can be shared
  2. Do you mean how to generate m_drivePath array in above snippet? Can you elaborate the requirement?