Query on hardware encoder on TX1

Hi, I have the below quarries. Can you please help me with these information.

  1. For analyzing the quality of video encoded by hardware encoder (H.264 and H.265) on TX1, we are using the gstreamer (v1.2.4) which was part of the pre-installed package on Jetson-TX1. Will the usage of gstreamer for encoding raw content have any impact on the quality of the encoded video?
  2. The gstreamer plugin omxh264enc provides configurability of “control-rate” which takes 5 values (Disable, Variable, Constant, Variable-skip-frames, Constant-skip-frames). What is the difference between control rate disable and variable control rate? Can you please elaborate on the differences of these modes?
  3. Is there support for B-pictures by H.265 encoder? If so, is there a way to enable/disable it using gstreamer?
  4. We use our own framework in our software systems/application, we do not use gstreamer. If we plan to integrate these hardware codecs into our software, which interface do you recommend us to use? Can we use OMX interface? Can you please give us more details on this?


Please look through the threads, I believe most if not all of these questions have been answered in other threads here. Other inquiries (like OpenMAX control rates) aren’t really specific to Jetson and would probably be better searched elsewhere.

Hi skk219,

Your questions are the same as below topic, please help to get the response from there.