Query on TX2 DSI

Hi Experts,

I am using TX2 with a third party MIPI CSI2 device.

I am planning to hook this MIPI CSI2 (third party) device to TX2 DSI. Device is capable of sending the data in command mode ONLY. As per the TX2 TRM, TX2 DSI can work in both Video & Command mode.

Does current software (RC28.2) support this feature to read data on DSI in command mode?



I cannot guarantee. The usecase that we are maintaining and verifying is video mode. As for command mode, we haven’t verified it for long time.

You could refer to ./tegra/common/kernel-dts/panels/panel-n-wqxga-6-0.dts. This is a sample dts of DSI command mode.

Thanks WayneWWW,

That helps.