Query on vGPU and nvidia-smi command

I am using vGPU with Horizon View 6.2
NVIDIA Grid K1 card.

When I run nvidia-smi on ESXi host. I am getting an output which shows as follows:-

| Processes: GPU Memory |
| GPU PID Type Process name Usage |
| 0 47629 C+G Win-7 1856Mib |
| 0 47665 C+G B-SAR 1856Mib |

I would like to know what is C+G type. And will it cause any issues? It’s a new deployment.
The reason is all the documents shows type as “G”

Type           Displayed as "C" for Compute Process, "G" for Graphics Process, and "C+G" for the process having both Compute and Graphics contexts.

man nvidia-smi

Hi Mcerveny,

Thanks for your response.

If We are using K1 card only for vGPU in Horizon View , do we have an option to change to work ONLY as Graphics Process. If so, then how can we change it?

Will it cause any issues?
Thanks in advance.