query regarrding shared filesystem installation


we have linux cluster where compilers and libraries are installed in shared filesystem which is nfs mounted on every node. We have installed on one node in the shared filesystem and tested the compilation, it is working file. When we tried the same thing on other node, it throws the error
pgcc-Error-Please run makelocalrc to complete your installation
Is running makelocalrc on every node compulsory?
We have same architecture on every node, so the pgc package should work without running the local installation on every node.
Also the path of the shared object is given in /opt/pg, which means the localinstallation will also go in /opt/pgi which is shared. How to solve the issue?


If all the gcc versions are the same on all the systems, and ‘by the same’
I mean the same gcc version in the same paths, then the localrc file created
with a ‘single install’ should work for every system. Install on one system,
and see if the GCCDIR, etc defined in localrc is the same all systems.
Then the one installation should work everywhere.

If the gcc version is different on every system, a ‘network install’ creates
localrc.hostname for each hostname, to handle different gcc versions.