Query related to SOR_NV_PDISP_SOR_STATE1_0 register

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There is some confusion in “ASY_PIXELDEPTH , Bit[20:17]” filed of “SOR_NV_PDISP_SOR_STATE1_0” register.
As per datasheet when reset , “ASY_PIXELDEPTH” set to “DEFAULTVAL”.
But what is the “DEFAULTVAL”?


Hi, DEFAULTVAL is for HDMI mode.

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Thanks for your reply.
so how to set databits of LVDS interface?
is it 8bit or 6 bit?


I think both should work, but I prefer 8bit so please set to 24bpp.

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So what is the default value of ASY_PIXELDEPTH bit at reset?
As per datasheet it is “DEFAULTVAL”.
But what is mean of “DEFAULTVAL”?

Rahul Shah

I am not sure either. But we should program it to 24bpp.