Quest 1 & 2 on CloudXR - Trigger not working in some titles

My company is experimenting with CloudXR based gaming on AWS instances.

We’ve noticed that certain titles are not receiving the trigger input from a Quest or Quest 2 with the sample client.

It’s not a global issue, but it’s especially easy to reproduce in Boneworks via SteamVR.

The trigger cannot be used to interact with any of the game’s menu. Though, manually walking up to the menu and hitting it virtually DOES work (without using the trigger)

This happens on our AWS cloudxr instances as well as running the CloudXR server on my home machine.

This DOES NOT happen on the same Quest 1/2 via a Link cable, nor does it happen with an Index.

I’m wondering if there was an Quest update that caused the headsets to send trigger data that is no longer compatible with CloudXR.

Has anyone else seen this?

EDIT: It’s possible this is a Boneworks specific issue. Found some older posts of people seeing similar behavior with ALVR. My coworker claimed to see the issue in other titles (lightfields), but I couldn’t repro them. Maybe BW just isn’t handling input the way CloudXR is translating.

EDIT 2: Tested this with Virtual Desktop and ALVR and it doesn’t happen. Something specific to CloudXR.

Thanks for the entry. We are looking into the issue with BoneWorks. Are there any other titles or applications where you reliably see this behavior?