Question about 5G communication boards

I recently stumbled on this device
Does anybody know if this will interwork with the Jetson Nano or Xavier NX ?


Hi Ingemar, it doesn’t specify which type of M.2 module it is, so it is difficult to know for sure. The Jetson Nano Developer Kit supports M.2 Key-E. Customized or aftermarket carriers for Nano / Xavier NX can implement the desired type of M.2 interface.

Also from a software perspective, the Linux drivers would need to be provided. Near the bottom it says “USB Driver for Linux /Android”. It doesn’t mention a PCIe driver, although PCIe is called out as a hardware feature of that product. If the drivers only support USB, if desired you may wish to try a less expensive USB dongle first if such a thing exists for 5G.

Thanks for the help, very appreciated