question about argus_camera

I run 3 argus_camera apps to check the video from AR0144 on TX2 board.
I find an issue, 3 argus_camera and 1 nvargus-daemon will consume almost 1 CPU core.
In my opinion, it is too high. I want to know it is reasonable or not?
If it is reasonable, could you explain a bit on it?


By default the TX2 is set to a low-power mode which is better for embedded projects that may care more for efficiency than raw power.

There should be a script called ‘’ in your home directory that can be used to disable those limits and set the clocks to their maximum. Note that this will cause the board to consume significantly more power and thus generate more heat.

Try running that script and then re-running your test.

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Thank you very much for the quick replay
I called ‘’ to enable the max power, but no improvement. Please check the attachment.
By the way, my product is power-sensitive, I cannot enable the max power on my product,
I actually want to know my test is normal or not.
This kind of CPU load is not caused by driver bugs or something else.

Hi,NVIDIA’s engineers, could you help me on this issue? Thank you very much.

hello wufan10618,

may I know what’s your expect CPU usage for the multi-cam solution?
however, you should check the average usage.
assume you’re execute top command in Irix mode, which reports per-process CPU utilization.
when you’re really pushing, it’ll report the usage beyond 100% which seems unreasonable.
for example,

 5966 root      20   0 20.577g 423592  45408 S 128.4  2.6   7:14.20 nvargus-daemon                                      
 9621 nvidia    20   0 1036828 102932  47032 S  12.5  0.6   0:42.90 argus_camera

suggest you should turn Irix mode off (shift + i) to get the average consuming.
besides, there’re three different ways to analysis CPU usage.
(1) top commands to check CPU percentage.
(2) tegrastats to check each cpu core usage.
(3) nsight profile results.