Question about boot configuration in design guideline

According to l4t 35.1 design guideline, boot time optimization section, there are some method:
. To reduce file system initialization time
. To disable audio configurations
. To modularize the kernel drivers
. To disable debugging
but there is no detail of above method, where I find those detail guideline? or which file I can modify to make above optimization work?

the mostly I want to disable/skip is the USB keyboard function during UEFI bootstage by the way…

I can’t answer the USB during UEFI question, but for those other questions, those are kernel configurations. Are you asking how to change the kernel?


Re-build kernel image to make above modifications.
You could refer to Kernel Customization part for details.

OK, I thought it was developed by Nvidia… If they are kernel original file, I will search on the net,

thank you

Do follow the NVIDIA documents mentioned by @KevinFFF. Kernel build and install might differ for this versus a desktop PC. The official documents explain cross compile on a host PC, but if you want to compile natively on the Jetson, then just ask, information is available. Actual kernel install is quite different compared to a PC, and there are a few ways to do this, including without flashing (documents just mention via flash).

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