Question about camera architecture (ISP control)

Hi again,

I am quite confused about applying the camera ISP.
I know the gstreamer pipeline supports AutoExposure(AE) control.
And I also found camera_override.isp also supports AE control (NVIDIA-Jetson-IMX477-RPIV3/camera_overrides.isp at master · RidgeRun/NVIDIA-Jetson-IMX477-RPIV3 · GitHub)

Since there is 2 ways to handle the AE,
I want to know the priority of this two.
Where is the position of the camera_override.isp in camera architecture?
If autoexposure is set to False in gstreamer and set to True in camera_override.isp, which setting will be applied?

hello riul5627k,

camera stack will take the settings when there’s ISP override file, i.e. camera_override.isp
it’s override file, which means it’ll mandatory overwrite those default camera stack settings

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