Question about CUDA installed by JetPack on jetson tx1

i am a rookie of linux and jetson tx1. the version of my host pc is ubuntu 14.04 LTS,the same as my kit.and i installed JetPack 2.2.1…However,after installation finished,i checked the kit by the command line “nvcc --version”,and the terminal told me that “bash:nvcc:command not found”.is that corret???shuold it be the version of CUDA??? i am puzzled.i did see that host pc told me installation completed,but something wrong. what should i do? god save me plz!! TAT forget about my poor English.:)

Did you see “cuda-8.0” under /usr/local?
Did you see “cuda-l4t” under /home/ubuntu? If yes, you could try “sudo ./”.

thank you very much. i’ll try it tomorrow.
BTW , i just follow the later one you said , is that OK? or i should check both of the files you said?

thanks again!

If you have “cuda-8.0” under /usr/local, it’s likely Cuda was installed but the path is missing from .bashrc. You can take look at “” to see how the path to CUda is added.

You can decide if you want to use “”, or use command in “”, e.g., to fix the missing path.

I did not use Jetpack to install Cuda, I did manual installation using “” and built Cuda samples natively on TX1.