Question About Debug Files - vc140.pdb

When I build CUDA projects it wants to write a file called vc140.pdb in the solution directory. I want that file to be in the intermediate or output directory, either are OK with me. The output directory would probably be the better option.

I see an argument when compiling .cu files : /FdObjDbg64\vc141.pdb /FS which is in the correct intermediate directory. I do not see any specifiers like this in the nvcc link phase so I assume that is going to the default location.

Does anyone some insight into this?

OK, how do I file a bug report? I can’t find anywhere to do this. I apologize for my obtuseness.

A bug report has been filed and it has been acknowledged as an error. Hopefully a fix will be available when v11 is released.

Just to update - I received notice that this bug has been fixed and the fix will be available in the next update.