Question about DeepStream + Track Anything

I read about the technology blog that came out yesterday.

I am interested in sam + track. Is it possible to run it after segmentation pgie in DeepStream?

Thanks for your suggestion. I will check internally and feedback.

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It would be good to have tracking during the pgie interval, and it would also be good to have feedback (correction) as suggested in the paper.

It is in our roadmap. Can you share more on why it is important to your project?

Iā€™m working on camera-based semantic segmentation using deepstream-pipeline.
I found tracking with kalman+dcf at pgie-interval in nvdcf very interesting and powerful in object detection.

So in semantic segmentation, assuming that masking of a certain terrain(like bridge) is inferred, it would be really good to track that mask with a track-anything model during the pgie-interval. Then I think it will work more efficiently on the pipeline side.

Assume apply interval

image -> pgie (like deeplabv3) -> track-anything -> sink (frame 0)
image -> track-anything -> sink (frame 1)
image -> track-anything -> sink (frame 2)
image -> pgie (like deeplabv3) -> track-anything (FeedBack loop) -> sink (frame 3)

Thanks for your sharing.

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