Question about display driver on TegraX1

We want to play video on tegraX1, and we find we can only use framebuffer driver to display video, because tegreX1 doesn’t support V4L2 driver to display. So there is a problem when using FB driver to display, because FB driver only has one frame buffer to store video data, which will cause conflict between app and driver, that is when app writes data to FB buffer and the same time the driver may flush the buffer data to hardware. So we can see separate lines on the screen when playing video.
So how to slove the problem when use FB driver to play video? Usually we use V4L2 to display video, FB driver to display UI.
Dose the DC driver flush the framebuffer data using interrupt? I find when display video the dc interrupt not grow, how the dc controller work when display?


Could you provide methods that reproduces your problem?

we fix the problem using pan display of framebuffer.